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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Been Out of Touch

Sorry everyone that I've been a bit out of touch the last 3 weeks or so. I finished those prints for the Nigredo show and following that I started working on my wedding invitations which are going to be pretty cool. I will have pics of what I have done so far up on here soon. I printed some t-shirts for some co-workers, I went to see Prometheus, and I discovered, stalked and finally rescued 5 kittens from our parking garage that are now living in our bathroom so not to destroy my toy collection. I also printed another poster for a Jacks show. I only had time to do a 2 color but it was the first 1 I printed on Black paper and it turned out pretty sweet for only being a 2 color. Received my 3A Caesars and TQ Queenie which are all awesome, played and hosted some trivia, started my new soccer league which is outdoor and gave away a couple of my Fight Club prints for First Art Friday. I also started painting the Cyber Man box suit for my friend Geoff which he will be wearing at SDCC at the same time I will be traveling to get married. In addition to that I need to print the N3rd Link shirts before SDCC as well as another secret project that I'm working on with my friends Geoff and Mawuli that needs to be done by SDCC as well. So, I have not been idle but I have been neglecting my blog as time has just been slipping away. I will hopefully have a slew of pics to post later tonight.

Quick thought about Prometheus. The film is beautifully shot. Other than that, there are major hiccups in the writing and the progression of the story. First off, many of the characters do not act and react to certain situations as if they were actual people in actual situations. Any living, breathing, bleeding human being would not approach a strange unknown alien creature as if it were a tiny cuddly kitten. You and I would back off immediately and probably run the opposite direction. Not the scientists from Prometheus. They're on a distant unknown world and no one is really naive enough to go running into a foreign structure with no weapons, no security, and obviously no common sense. There is little coherent connection between events in the story...i.e, this happens, and in the next scene someone has reached a conclusion 2 steps removed from the previous event with no explanation as to how they arrived at this conclusion. I compare it a bit to the Davinci Code film where the mystery was solved without any actual explanation as to how they figured it out. It's as if they all of a sudden just knew. I very much attribute these faults to the writer Damon Lindelof of LOST fame who may have gained notoriety from the show but if you watched it you can also say he definitely lost his way near the end of the show. There were a lot of loose ends and conclusions that were pretty weak and even though Prometheus was only a single film there were similar holes and missteps there.

I still enjoyed the film for what it was but I think Ridley Scott needs a redo.

I also re-watched Alien and really loved seeing the "cockpit" in the alien ship with the space jockey and seeing the near duplication of the set in Prometheus. And after watching Alien concluded that the ship Nostromo was definitely a character in itself as the entire film took place on the ship...nearly anyway, and was expertly shot. It reminded me a lot of 2001 Space Odyssey. I think because of the giant leap in technology that film makers rely too heavily on effects and said technology and ignore the beauty and spectacle of real sets, actual acting, and the mood and personality of the actual film. Though Prometheus the ship was again a character on its own once they spent too much time away from it during the film. The same type of tension was created on the alien ship but the tension did not build and build like it did in alien as things were far too spread out and the idea of being locked inside a ship in space with a killer alien on board was clearly missed. I say still see Prometheus and draw your own conclusions, but it did disappoint just a bit for me.

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