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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Had a long weekend with a lot of work and a fair amount of relaxing. Friday night I finished the 6th gig poster for a series of posters that I've been printing for local shows and it turned out great. The headlining band Nigredo is awesome.


They're described as ambient, experimental rock and I have to say they destroyed Jacks on saturday. And here is the final poster. 4 color build with a 5th transparent layer for the type on top.

Saturday morning we got up early packed a bunch of toys up and did some serious shipping. I got all of my Pinky and the Brain bots out to their future owners, Chad I mailed you your Paw box, and Hustin...your Storms are on the way. Jay, I sent you your elements and your prize from the raffle the 1 and only Rasp custom 3A bot. Upon leaving the PO Amanda tells me some friends are coming over and we're headed to the pool...alright, I had things to do but I didn't mind. We sat and drank and relaxed by the pool for a few hours and obviously after that I needed a nap. Woke up JUST barely in time for the show, ran over there and hung out til real late watching all the bands and trying to sell some posters. Sold a few but it being Memorial Day weekend the crowd was a little sparse. But the bands totally ruled. 

Here are a few pics to tease!

Finally saw the Avengers and it kicked major ass. It was so good. Thor, Iron Man and Hulk are pure bad asses. Cap, Hawkeye and Black Widow are alright but compared to the others they're a bit limited. 
I printed some shirts for a co-worker last night and then it was back to the grind. Only 6 weeks until my wedding and my 2 week vacation to Hawaii so I need to knock out a bunch of commissions, finish my invitations, start and finish the Cyberman box suit, print the N3rdLink t-shirts and a whole bunch of there stuff. Very busy over here!!!

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