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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to Work

I finished my pieces for Most Wanted just in the nick of time and got them shipped out. I cost a lot to ship them overnight but it really wasn't as much as I thought it would be. For the 20" Dunny and other stuff which weight 20 lbs it was $86.00 with $2000 insurance. I expected it to be a lot more and it really was only like 20 bucks more than priority.

Now I'm working on my Bot's mini run that I'm doing for the Good vs. Evil series and I need to get that that done by tomorrow night. The pre-sale for that on the KR board is on Friday and I think the official drop will be soon there after. In case you didn't see it I'm doing Pinky and the Brain from Animaniacs. I thought it would be a nice contrast to the super evil stuff the rest of my team is doing and I got to do some fun sculpting. Pinky and Brain are cute but still definitely evil.

Pinky is gonna be the standard and Brain is gonna be the 1 off chase.  The painting is gonna be fairly simple, white and pink, so the sculpting is gonna make these guys sing. I'm having trouble getting Brains head to be the right shape but I'll get there. 

I want to try and finish repairing a few 8" Dunny's that I have on my desk and get those back to their owners, and I have a crap load of other things to try and knock out. I promise I will get to Striders box ASAP, I will  finish and finally ship the 3 Storms, The Samurai Gundam Dunny is close to being done, I have Perseus and the gang in a whole range of WIP stages, The Muppets, Voldemort, Spartan, 8" Yeti, M.C. Escher, and I have a bunch of sketches to do. With the wedding coming up and all this to do on top of that, I'm a busy guy. Not stressed though... I like being busy.

On a side note, we finally found a Seinfeld trivia here in town. For the longest time I've been touting myself as a Seinfeld savant. When I was single and living in a 200 sq ft. apartment with no tv, all I did was watch Seinfeld on DVD on my computer. I mean literally, nothing else. And I retained a shit load of random information; names, dates, phrases, occurrences — and the absolute beating I put on that trivia game last night was oh so sweet affirmation that I am indeed a Seinfeld master. It was only 1 week, but, the questions started out fairly easy and got progressively harder, and by the end of the show, we hadn't missed a single question...and some of them were super hard. We'll see how we do next week... but if this continues, the other teams are gonna hate us.

The bonus question consisted of 5 questions. If you got it right you got 5 points, if you got it wrong you lost 5 points, and if you left it blank nothing happened. We left 2 of them blank and those were the only things I didn't know. 1, I just plain didn't know, and the other I was unsure of. And they were:

1 - What is in the back seat of the car that Kramer is test driving?
2 - What is Jerry's girlfriend Janes profession

The other 3 that I knew were:

1 - What is Elaines boyfriend Jack better known as?
2 - What is Jerry on so and so's moms speed dial?
3 - What is Jerry's apt # from Season 3 – 9

There were questions throughout the game that were harder than these 3 bonus questions. Basically at the end of the game we were beating the 2nd place team by 11 its which amounted to probably 3 questions that stumped the other teams.

Can't wait for next week to test my knowledge even more.

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