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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Most Wanted Pieces

Alright folks here is the lineup I've got coming for the MW show. Having slept about 3 hrs total in the last  60 hours I have just about completed the 20" and her accompanying 8". I am going to have to finish the 3" and the mini that go with it and ship them separately with the rest of the stuff because I just have to get this 20" in the mail. I DO NOT want to ship it express bc/ it'll end up costing way too much. Those 4 pieces will all be sold as 1 piece and all 4 designs are different. The 20" is a new design, the 8" is the same design as the figure from the series, the 3" is a new design, and the mini zipper pull is the same as the one from the series. I will also have an 8" version of the 20" and if I have time there might be a couple 1 off 3" Arrrr-Mandas. No pics yet... but if all goes according to plan I will be shooting the army and a bunch of the other pieces tonight. I will definitely be shooting the 20" before I pack it up and ship it.

This is the one and only time I will be making any pieces based on the Arrrr-Manda design so if you dig them you'd better try and grab them from the show. I really don't know what to expect in terms of sales. The 3A show was at the same gallery and the prices were pretty high and not a lot of the work sold. I have a feeling that there are probably more Dunny fans than 3A but whether people are willing to spend the cash is still something I cannot speculate on.

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