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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dunny in 3's

Neck deep in custom for the MW show next Friday and I still have so much work to do. The sculpting on the 20" is proving to be soooo lengthy and I'm definitely gonna had ego cut down on what I had planned for the show. So now I think I'm only going to be able to finish the 20" with his 8", 3" and mini inner companions, and one other 8" with his companions. If I'm really lucky I will be able to finish a 2nd solo 8"but I had planned on making some solo 3"ers but I don't have enough magnets left. Here some pics...and an alternate design for Manda...cause you don't want the same design on every single piece. That would be stupid.

Different eyes, hair, color palette and outfit. I think I'm gonna use this on the 20" and then she might end up on a 3" inside one of the solo 8" ers. And the drawing is incomplete...the art for her ears got lost in transition but it was sorta irrelevant since I was changing other parts. She's gonna have her arms behind he rack holding something...not sure what yet. Something nautical. Maybe a treasure map but how to portray that so it looks like a map??? A rolled up piece of old parchment...maybe she's holding the medallion from Goonies.

Unsanded 8" casts. I used a single piece mold and just some seams so getting them lined back up perfect is tough thus the zigzag seem lines.

Cutting off the pour nubs and sanding left me covered in white resin dust. I had a mask on so only a little ended up in my lungs forever.

Where I pour my resin...thankfully I have that mat or else the carpet would be a big white, hardened puddle of resin and silicon....cause I've spilled a ton of it. The first time I poured the 8" DUnny mold I didn't put enough rubber bands around the outside and resin started pouring out of every seem....alll over the floor.

8" inside of his 20" brothers legs.

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