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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Update

I spent all weekend working on this new screen print for my friends show and finishing up the Pinky and the Brain mascots that I am making for the Good vs. Evil bots series. The print was a super rush job and I got way too ambitious with the colors and the drawing. I didn't have time to do the color separations properly so there were a lot of missed trappings ( Overlapping colors), a typo, and grime here and there from the screens. I was literally finishing the drawing, burning and printing from 10 AM until 9:30 at night, ran off to the show, got home at 1 AM and saw the typo. FUCK!!!! Since then I have made all the adjustments and will be redoing them next week. This is the final drawing and I need to be better about setting up registration marks.

I also finished my Pinky and the Brain mascots just last night and I think they look sweet. I did an original sculpt for Pinky and cast the head only, and I did a 1 off sculpt for Brain. I wanted brain to be smaller so I cut off the feet and resculpted them from scratch so he is slightly shorter than Pinky...though he has a huge head. There are no AP's or anything but I have already been sued to make 8" versions of them.
Hope you guys like.

Back to commissions, wedding invitations, stuff for N3rdlink and SDCC, the Cyberman suit I'm making for my friend Geoff Cuddy — that's right, a cardboard Cyberman — and he will be sporting it at comic con. Only 10 weeks until comic con and my wedding and so much to do.

The tulip tattoo is Amandas actual tattoo though that is not her, but she did pose so I could get a pic of her ink.

Pics of all new stuff to come soon.

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