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I am a professional graphic designer and right now I am moon lighting as a toy customizer. Every waking minute outside of work I commit to painting and sculpting custom toys.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm just about finished with my custom 2-Face Hazel for the Gunzzo show on October 13 and it's already a week late. It's hard to meet deadlines when you KNOW there really is a bit more time. I've snuck some pics of what I'm working on over the last few weeks but haven't shown them in whole nor taken really good pics yet. Basically I took the 2-Face Hazel, removed the head and made 2 separate figures — 1 with the body and 1 with the head. If you're familiar with the Boo's that I did for my Chomping at the Bit show back in 2010 then the piece I made with the head will look a bit familiar. And with the body, I tackled yet another Mario character but this time he's completely new. I need to ship these dudes by Sat so I'll be posting up final pics by then, but for now...here's a new piece of the puzzle.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 in a row!!!

Amanda and I won Seinfeld trivia for the 4th week in a row last night. It was an epic battle for first place as all 6 teams were flawless at half and going into the final bonus questions 3 teams were perfect including us, and 2 teams were 1 point back. You get 5 questions — get it right you get 5 points, get it wrong and you lose 5 points, omit it, nothing happens. So we got all 5 questions which were:

1 - What is the womans name that Jerry is trying to run into in "The Stakeout?"
2 - What is Kramer referring to when he says to the super "Who says I can do any of the things I do in my apartment?"
3 - What is the pool guys name?
4 - What does Kramer use to shave when he decides shaving cream isn't good enough?
5 - What is LLoyd Brawns saying concerning using the mantra "Serenity Now?"

Well we got all 5 right and were still tied with 1 team. We then got the tie break question:

"What date does Jerry say was the last time he puked? I knew this from a past tie breaker...but my opponent also knew it, so it came down to a rock, paper, scissor, which I have lost both times in the past that we had tied. I threw 3 rocks — won the first, drew the 2nd, won the 3rd. Flawless victory.

The questions were not that hard this week so it's not a surprise we had a perfect game.

Oh, and I've been working on some toys. Pics when I get back from work.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More WIP

I picked up my Gold King Dunny this morning on KR.com. I still love Eatons work and though I wasn't around from the very beginning I still have a deep reverence for the original designs. And here are a few more WIP shots.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seinfeld Trivia

Amanda and I won Seinfeld trivia again on Monday night and it was the 3rd win in a row... so we've been rolling. Here are the questions from Monday night and if you want to, email me your answers and we'll see how you stack up. No cheating.

1. How did Elaine get Georges bosses attention at NBC?
2. What kind of chicken is Kramer addicted to?
3. What movie did Jerry make out in?
4. What actress played Sidra?
5. What kind of candy gave Jerrys apartment bugs? And who did it?
6. What baseball hero of Jerry and George dunks his donuts?
7. How did Alison break up with George?
8. How did their highschool gym teacher pronounce Costanza?
9. How did George get the upper hand on his relationship?
10. What year did the show start? What year did it end?
11. How did Garry Fogel die?
12. How did Elaine get caught eating Mr. Petermans cake?
13. How did Kramer get connected to the stolen dog?
14. The girlfriend of George who was really hot  that dated someone who looked like George, his name was?
15. Name the character that said these lines:

C. My friend, he couldn't taste his peaches.
E. Of course you've never felt what it's like to hold a persons life in your hands.

I can't remember the other 3.

16. How did Kramer lose his lawsuit against Sue Ellen Mischke?
17. How did Mike break his thumbs?
18. Name of the newspaper at the community Jerry's parents live in, in Fla?
19. The alias Kramer uses when he poses as a dermatologist.
20. Bonus questions:

A. What was the deaf lineswomans name?
B. Why did Jerry dislike his girlfriend Donna?
C. What was the occasion when Jerry made the pony remark?
D. After the menu catches fire because of the busboy, Elaine exclaims what?
E. Name of the bra company George interviews at?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A couple of the various paints that I have worked through. I've still got a bunch of the old Montana cans that are still working great. New ones all suck.

Lots of stuff under way.

I've got a couple repairs and repaints underway including this.

 What my desk typically looks like on any given day.

 Muppets and Perseus underway.

First sneak peek at Blooper for the Gunzzo show in October.

Animals body.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm gonna be posting alot more progress shots on here from now on and something new I'm gonna start to try and do is periodically do reviews of the various materials and tools that I use to do my customs. Sort of like the "whats in your bag" photos but of my tools of the trade including brands and sources to get some of these materials. I should have a couple completed customs this week but as always the boxes are holding up shipment. I also have the internet at my house finally so I no longer have an excuse not to post more. Pics in a bit here. Just about to leave work.

The first and only thing I'll talk about right quick before I go home is that I have officially switched my endorsement of spraypaint to...... Belton Molotow!

For the longest time I was VERY happy with Montana Gold... that was until about a year and a half ago they decided to change their formula which went hand in hand with a redesign of the can. The old paint was nearly perfect for what I needed... dried super fast, and it was almost impossible to overspray. It was a pretty thin paint. The new paint is very thick. You'll be lucky if you can get the bearings inside to move the paint is so thick. Once sprayed onto a toy the paint seems to never dry and it's just far too thick. When I saw this I was livid and spent the last year trying out alternatives. Montana Black.... eh. Montana Hardcore.... eh, Krylon actually makes a good archival clear coat but the rest of the paint sucks... so finally I got a bunch of Belton cans and they RULE....gotta go. I will go more into that when I come back.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dragon Con

I'll have more stuff up later but here are a couple of pics of my new suit to keep you busy for a while.