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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seinfeld Trivia

Amanda and I won Seinfeld trivia again on Monday night and it was the 3rd win in a row... so we've been rolling. Here are the questions from Monday night and if you want to, email me your answers and we'll see how you stack up. No cheating.

1. How did Elaine get Georges bosses attention at NBC?
2. What kind of chicken is Kramer addicted to?
3. What movie did Jerry make out in?
4. What actress played Sidra?
5. What kind of candy gave Jerrys apartment bugs? And who did it?
6. What baseball hero of Jerry and George dunks his donuts?
7. How did Alison break up with George?
8. How did their highschool gym teacher pronounce Costanza?
9. How did George get the upper hand on his relationship?
10. What year did the show start? What year did it end?
11. How did Garry Fogel die?
12. How did Elaine get caught eating Mr. Petermans cake?
13. How did Kramer get connected to the stolen dog?
14. The girlfriend of George who was really hot  that dated someone who looked like George, his name was?
15. Name the character that said these lines:

C. My friend, he couldn't taste his peaches.
E. Of course you've never felt what it's like to hold a persons life in your hands.

I can't remember the other 3.

16. How did Kramer lose his lawsuit against Sue Ellen Mischke?
17. How did Mike break his thumbs?
18. Name of the newspaper at the community Jerry's parents live in, in Fla?
19. The alias Kramer uses when he poses as a dermatologist.
20. Bonus questions:

A. What was the deaf lineswomans name?
B. Why did Jerry dislike his girlfriend Donna?
C. What was the occasion when Jerry made the pony remark?
D. After the menu catches fire because of the busboy, Elaine exclaims what?
E. Name of the bra company George interviews at?

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