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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 in a row!!!

Amanda and I won Seinfeld trivia for the 4th week in a row last night. It was an epic battle for first place as all 6 teams were flawless at half and going into the final bonus questions 3 teams were perfect including us, and 2 teams were 1 point back. You get 5 questions — get it right you get 5 points, get it wrong and you lose 5 points, omit it, nothing happens. So we got all 5 questions which were:

1 - What is the womans name that Jerry is trying to run into in "The Stakeout?"
2 - What is Kramer referring to when he says to the super "Who says I can do any of the things I do in my apartment?"
3 - What is the pool guys name?
4 - What does Kramer use to shave when he decides shaving cream isn't good enough?
5 - What is LLoyd Brawns saying concerning using the mantra "Serenity Now?"

Well we got all 5 right and were still tied with 1 team. We then got the tie break question:

"What date does Jerry say was the last time he puked? I knew this from a past tie breaker...but my opponent also knew it, so it came down to a rock, paper, scissor, which I have lost both times in the past that we had tied. I threw 3 rocks — won the first, drew the 2nd, won the 3rd. Flawless victory.

The questions were not that hard this week so it's not a surprise we had a perfect game.

Oh, and I've been working on some toys. Pics when I get back from work.

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