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I am a professional graphic designer and right now I am moon lighting as a toy customizer. Every waking minute outside of work I commit to painting and sculpting custom toys.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Jerk Store is Live

Sale will end Tomorrow at 4 and those will be all the prints ever made.
Thanks to everyone ahead of time.

The Jerk Store

Alright guys, the Headless Horseman mini-Print drop will be happening today and it will be taking place in my new e-store aptly named The Jerk Store. I will have a link to the store later once it is live. You will be able to order prints in increments of 2 for 13$ plus 5 bucks shipping. Shipping will be the same regardless of how many prints you order. It will be an open run and will be active for 24 hours. There may be a few other things in the store when it goes live so be on the look out.

This is a pre-order so the prints have not been made yet, and you should expect shipping within 10 days of ordering.

Prints are:

• 5 by 6
• 8 Color silk screen
• Signed and numbered in the order that orders are received. So the sooner you order, the lower your number will be.

• Every print will be different with random colors
• Bonuses for people who order the most prints including large format silk screens as well as other secretly awesome bonuses for those people that I really like.

All in all, this is part of a campaign to get the Headless Horseman made into a production piece. Who knows, this time next year you all could be cutting in line at a signing for this very piece!

Oh yeah, store goes live at 4 pm today. See ya then.

Monday, October 29, 2012

HH Prints

I mentioned on my Twitter this weekend that I was thinking about doing a Headless Horseman print run similar to the one I did for my Arrr-Manda Dunny and considering it's nearly Halloween it makes it the perfect time to do such a thing. It's gonna be an open run, so order how many you want, and that's what you'll get. If 20 are ordered, there will only be 20, and if 300 are ordered there will be 300 out there. Ordering will only be live for 24 hours, and the more you order the more likely you'll get some kind of bonus. I'll have more info about this including initial pics of what the prints will look like, within in the next day. The drop will probably take place on Halloween...so only 2 days away. I will probably do various multipacks because the shipping will be the same if you order 2 or if you order 20.

2 for $16 Shipped
4 for $26
6 for $36
8 for $46
10 for $50.

and so on.

Keep your eyes open. All official info will be found here over the next day or 2.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sorry it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Once I finished my 2 Faced Hazel I only had like 2 weeks to design and finish our Box Hero Zombies for the Little 5 Halloween Parade... a parade they have every year and I think we've walked in the last 3 parades as box heroes. Amanda and I just barely finished them... putting on the last bit of paint literally as we walked out the door on Saturday. We didn't even have a chance to try them on until we got on site. Needless to say everything went smoothly... the suits fit fine and everyone we spoke to loved the suits.

Though i've spent most of the last 2 weeks on these new box suits I did also happen to finish a couple customs. I finished....
Teddy Troop Hellboy
Mutated 8" Mad Robber
And still working on....too much to mention.

Also working on a costume for Halloween which is a Kaws Companion and my friend Stephen made me an amazing cardboard Companion head:

Hope there won't be anything else to do after Halloween other than customs. One can wish.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekend Update

Didn't get alot done this weekend. Not sure why. I went and saw Frankenweenie and it was really good. Amanda says it's not as good as Nightmare Before Christmas....but what could be really??? Went to an estate sale on Saturday in search of junk and stuff for my customs and only came away with some old drawer sets to hold accessories and various things I have accumulated. You can never have too many drawers or containers for crap....keeping it all sorted is the issue. I can't tell you how many times I knew I had something but couldn't find it. Oh...I think it's probably football that has been hindering my work. Sat and Sun it never stops and I love it. Other than the fact that my Bills are embarrassing. And here I am asking for a new Bills jersey for my birthday....I'm a die hard fan. I'd have to be, they haven't made the playoffs in 13 years.

If anyone out there collects Lego Mini-Figures I'm working on something pretty cool with them.

Here is the first FINAL pic of my 3" Batman that I just finished. He is part of the Justice League set that I'm making. I did a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle last year and this is 1 of 3 of the most recent additions. Next up is Flash, Ice and Fire.

It was pretty difficult to get the ears to be symmetrical and despite it looking like they're not in the pic they are. I love his little cape too...I think it makes a great silhouette.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2-Face Hazel

I finally finished my 2-Face Hazel last night and it was only due at Gunnzo last Fri....I suck!! But the show is not until October 13 so I just couldn't fake the urgency. I know that's pathetic but it's human nature. So here it is. Technically there are 2 separate pieces that are for sale, each is $250 through Gunnzo. This first piece is a bit of an homage to the Boo figures that I made for my Mario show a couple years back. When I first got the figure in I almost immediately thought the head looked very much like a Boo. BUT...I wanted to maintain some of the contours of the face so I abstracted him a bit for the one side, and then for the reverse I liked the idea of incorporating the gas mask into the face.

I spent a little more time deciding what to do with the base and in the end I used the 8 bit Boo to create a literal tie into the franchise in case the figure itself was too abstract for some people.

The Second piece, which is made from the body, is another Mario villain that originally was part of the Mario show as a t-shirt, but I ran out of time and the shirts were never made. Just like with the head, when I looked at the torso for a while the Blooper just jumped out at me. The tentacles of her arms and legs stood out very strongly to me AND the fact that it was something I didn't get to do for my show made it a no brainer. 

I removed the legs as they were a hard plastic unlike the vinyl of the rest of the figure and would have warped when heated. I sculpted over the neck socket, added 5 more tentacles, and filled in a bit of the waviness on the front side to make it a bit smoother. I reattached the legs so that they're all basically curving backwards as opposed to them all curving outwards, and at the last minute I added the Blooper babies. I just thought the back was a bit plain and I was always quite amused by the family of Bloopers in the games...until the babies got me!!!!! Drat.

Again, if you're interested in these pieces you ought to contact Gunzzo asap...or give it a shot and wait until after the show and if I get them back they will be cheaper. BUT...they might sell, AND, Gunnzo provided the figures so I'm not sure if they will retain the work until it sells...or I pay them for the figure. Not sure the protocol there.

Hope you guys like.