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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2-Face Hazel

I finally finished my 2-Face Hazel last night and it was only due at Gunnzo last Fri....I suck!! But the show is not until October 13 so I just couldn't fake the urgency. I know that's pathetic but it's human nature. So here it is. Technically there are 2 separate pieces that are for sale, each is $250 through Gunnzo. This first piece is a bit of an homage to the Boo figures that I made for my Mario show a couple years back. When I first got the figure in I almost immediately thought the head looked very much like a Boo. BUT...I wanted to maintain some of the contours of the face so I abstracted him a bit for the one side, and then for the reverse I liked the idea of incorporating the gas mask into the face.

I spent a little more time deciding what to do with the base and in the end I used the 8 bit Boo to create a literal tie into the franchise in case the figure itself was too abstract for some people.

The Second piece, which is made from the body, is another Mario villain that originally was part of the Mario show as a t-shirt, but I ran out of time and the shirts were never made. Just like with the head, when I looked at the torso for a while the Blooper just jumped out at me. The tentacles of her arms and legs stood out very strongly to me AND the fact that it was something I didn't get to do for my show made it a no brainer. 

I removed the legs as they were a hard plastic unlike the vinyl of the rest of the figure and would have warped when heated. I sculpted over the neck socket, added 5 more tentacles, and filled in a bit of the waviness on the front side to make it a bit smoother. I reattached the legs so that they're all basically curving backwards as opposed to them all curving outwards, and at the last minute I added the Blooper babies. I just thought the back was a bit plain and I was always quite amused by the family of Bloopers in the games...until the babies got me!!!!! Drat.

Again, if you're interested in these pieces you ought to contact Gunzzo asap...or give it a shot and wait until after the show and if I get them back they will be cheaper. BUT...they might sell, AND, Gunnzo provided the figures so I'm not sure if they will retain the work until it sells...or I pay them for the figure. Not sure the protocol there.

Hope you guys like.

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