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I am a professional graphic designer and right now I am moon lighting as a toy customizer. Every waking minute outside of work I commit to painting and sculpting custom toys.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sorry it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Once I finished my 2 Faced Hazel I only had like 2 weeks to design and finish our Box Hero Zombies for the Little 5 Halloween Parade... a parade they have every year and I think we've walked in the last 3 parades as box heroes. Amanda and I just barely finished them... putting on the last bit of paint literally as we walked out the door on Saturday. We didn't even have a chance to try them on until we got on site. Needless to say everything went smoothly... the suits fit fine and everyone we spoke to loved the suits.

Though i've spent most of the last 2 weeks on these new box suits I did also happen to finish a couple customs. I finished....
Teddy Troop Hellboy
Mutated 8" Mad Robber
And still working on....too much to mention.

Also working on a costume for Halloween which is a Kaws Companion and my friend Stephen made me an amazing cardboard Companion head:

Hope there won't be anything else to do after Halloween other than customs. One can wish.

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