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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Jerk Store

Alright guys, the Headless Horseman mini-Print drop will be happening today and it will be taking place in my new e-store aptly named The Jerk Store. I will have a link to the store later once it is live. You will be able to order prints in increments of 2 for 13$ plus 5 bucks shipping. Shipping will be the same regardless of how many prints you order. It will be an open run and will be active for 24 hours. There may be a few other things in the store when it goes live so be on the look out.

This is a pre-order so the prints have not been made yet, and you should expect shipping within 10 days of ordering.

Prints are:

• 5 by 6
• 8 Color silk screen
• Signed and numbered in the order that orders are received. So the sooner you order, the lower your number will be.

• Every print will be different with random colors
• Bonuses for people who order the most prints including large format silk screens as well as other secretly awesome bonuses for those people that I really like.

All in all, this is part of a campaign to get the Headless Horseman made into a production piece. Who knows, this time next year you all could be cutting in line at a signing for this very piece!

Oh yeah, store goes live at 4 pm today. See ya then.

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