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I am a professional graphic designer and right now I am moon lighting as a toy customizer. Every waking minute outside of work I commit to painting and sculpting custom toys.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mini Prints

As you can see there are a lot of the mini-prints and they're almost all different except for the 2 on the same print sheet at the moment. They will be cut out and are about 4 by 6. I don't know exactly how many there are but I'm guessing about 60–70. 8 of those will be fore the actual figures, some of my favorite people are gonna get a few as gifts and the rest will be for sale soon. I'm thinking like a random selection of 3 for like 12 bucks shipped. There are only 2, count them 2, that will match the actual figure. You can see that sheet right on top there in that pic. If you're interested in getting a few shoot me an email.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

N3rd Link Shirts and Kittens

15 days until I leave for my wedding and fewer days til comic con and I have a bunch of work still lett to do for both my trip and comic con. Here are a couple pics and more to come.

Digital renderings of the N3rd Link shirts that I'll be printing this weekend. My boys John, Mawuli and Geoff will have these on hand at comic con. The Link and Luigi shirts will be on the same color shirt.
I also started the screen prints for the Most Wanted 3 drop and I decided to drastically mix up the colors so there are about 80 mini prints and almost all of them are different. I'll grab some pics of them later and you'll see what I mean.

Stencils for the Link shirt.

This is one of the glass cases that we got as a wedding present with my SK3 set in it.

Pics from the Tenacious D show. Their new album is called Rise of the Penix and they had a big inflatable prop on the stage.

Here's my new kitty Ripley named after Ellen Ripley of the Alien series. Look how cute he is!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Update

We had my work Wedding party on Friday and we got a ton of really nice things most of which Amanda chose but indirectly benefit me like her making me food with the things we got. The only things I actually chose were the Ninja blender which totally kicks ass, and she picked these glass table top display cases that have mirrored bottoms that are actually really cool. I put my SK3 Michael Lau set laying on their backs in one and they look awesome. I got a few gift cards to our local art store which was something I asked for as well and I spent almost all of it buying materials for our custom wedding album that I made on Saturday. I didn't want to buy an album so I insisted on making one and it turned out really nice... and it matches our invitations since I used the same paper. Only the materials cost $130 and I spent a good 12 hours working on it. Ahahhaha, like I didn't already have enough to do. That was my Saturday. I went outside for about 15 minutes to run to my office to get some glue and thank god because it was a scorcher here in Atlanta this weekend. Like 93 degrees. I had a soccer game at Noon on Sunday and goddamn was it hot too. The new league I'm in is outdoor 7 vs. 7. We won but holy shit... I had to take a 3 hour nap when I got home. Sunday evening I worked on the custom box for the Strider Munny that I finished like 2 months ago...DOH, I suck — and I printed out the stencils for the 5 color silk screen mini-prints I'm gonna be making for the Most Wanted 3 drop at the end of the month. Anyone who gets my Dunny will get a print, and I will have a couple more to give out to my favorite people! Worked on Cyberman some as well, he's coming along. I posted a pic or 2 on Twitter and Facebook, and I placed our supply order for the N3rdLink shirts so I'll start printing on those this week. Not tonight though, I'm going to see Tenacious D tonight with Amanda. It's gonna be EPIC!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 16 Weekend Update

I finally finished our wedding invitations this weekend. Designed and ran the envelopes on the laser printer at my office, printed and cut out the little tags that hang on the string that hold them closed, glued, cut and scored all of the main invitations, added the pocket, folded and inserted the map, and tied them all closed and sealed the envelopes.... only to find out we needed more postage so they are going out tomorrow instead of today. All the while I watched almost all of my Alien Quadralogy that I bought on Amazong for 25 bucks....which included the first 4 movies and bonus discs for all 4 movies including behind the scenes footage from each individual shooting, pre, during and post production, interviews, concept art, and all kinds of awesome stuff. So I spent almost the whole weekend watching Alien content. When I went to sleep on Sunday I dreamt about Aliens and kittens...since those little guys have been zooming around their corral non stop since they settled in. I have even more respect for film making and the people involved after seeing how a lot of it was made. Many of the ships in the films were miniatures, aliens were dudes in rubber and foam suits, puppeteers and animatronics, and referring to the underwater scene in Resurrection, I guess I never really stopped to think how HARD it must be to film those scenes...and it was.

I also did some work on the Cyberman. I had to get a new silver paint bc the one I had looked like shit..thanks Montana. Rustoleum came through for me...imagine that. Also getting ready to print the N3rdLink shirts for comic con...and my commissions continue to wait patiently in my studio...so much to do... only 4 weeks til comic con and the wedding.

Friday, June 15, 2012


WIP of my wedding invitations. The first pic is the outside, the 2nd pic is the inside and the 3rd pic is a map that will fold in half and go into a pocket that is not pictured that will be on the right panel of the inside of the invite. There is a blank panel other than the flower in the 2nd pic and that is where the pocket goes.

Amanda chose this green paper and you can't print white ink off a laser printer so I had to screen print the white onto the green paper. I did that for both the first pic and the 3rd. And on the reverse of the map is more information that I haven't photographed yet.

Box Cyberman. Got a lot of work to do. Gotta get him ready for Comic Con.

The most recent print I did for Jacks. It's a 2 color — white and silver on black paper. The silver is very subtle, and it is a working maze with 1 solution.

4 of the 5 kittens we rescued about a week ago. They're so cute and we can only keep 2 of them. I don't know what I'm gonna do.....

The first 8" Mutation that I'm working on. 

A print project I did for work. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Been Out of Touch

Sorry everyone that I've been a bit out of touch the last 3 weeks or so. I finished those prints for the Nigredo show and following that I started working on my wedding invitations which are going to be pretty cool. I will have pics of what I have done so far up on here soon. I printed some t-shirts for some co-workers, I went to see Prometheus, and I discovered, stalked and finally rescued 5 kittens from our parking garage that are now living in our bathroom so not to destroy my toy collection. I also printed another poster for a Jacks show. I only had time to do a 2 color but it was the first 1 I printed on Black paper and it turned out pretty sweet for only being a 2 color. Received my 3A Caesars and TQ Queenie which are all awesome, played and hosted some trivia, started my new soccer league which is outdoor and gave away a couple of my Fight Club prints for First Art Friday. I also started painting the Cyber Man box suit for my friend Geoff which he will be wearing at SDCC at the same time I will be traveling to get married. In addition to that I need to print the N3rd Link shirts before SDCC as well as another secret project that I'm working on with my friends Geoff and Mawuli that needs to be done by SDCC as well. So, I have not been idle but I have been neglecting my blog as time has just been slipping away. I will hopefully have a slew of pics to post later tonight.

Quick thought about Prometheus. The film is beautifully shot. Other than that, there are major hiccups in the writing and the progression of the story. First off, many of the characters do not act and react to certain situations as if they were actual people in actual situations. Any living, breathing, bleeding human being would not approach a strange unknown alien creature as if it were a tiny cuddly kitten. You and I would back off immediately and probably run the opposite direction. Not the scientists from Prometheus. They're on a distant unknown world and no one is really naive enough to go running into a foreign structure with no weapons, no security, and obviously no common sense. There is little coherent connection between events in the story...i.e, this happens, and in the next scene someone has reached a conclusion 2 steps removed from the previous event with no explanation as to how they arrived at this conclusion. I compare it a bit to the Davinci Code film where the mystery was solved without any actual explanation as to how they figured it out. It's as if they all of a sudden just knew. I very much attribute these faults to the writer Damon Lindelof of LOST fame who may have gained notoriety from the show but if you watched it you can also say he definitely lost his way near the end of the show. There were a lot of loose ends and conclusions that were pretty weak and even though Prometheus was only a single film there were similar holes and missteps there.

I still enjoyed the film for what it was but I think Ridley Scott needs a redo.

I also re-watched Alien and really loved seeing the "cockpit" in the alien ship with the space jockey and seeing the near duplication of the set in Prometheus. And after watching Alien concluded that the ship Nostromo was definitely a character in itself as the entire film took place on the ship...nearly anyway, and was expertly shot. It reminded me a lot of 2001 Space Odyssey. I think because of the giant leap in technology that film makers rely too heavily on effects and said technology and ignore the beauty and spectacle of real sets, actual acting, and the mood and personality of the actual film. Though Prometheus the ship was again a character on its own once they spent too much time away from it during the film. The same type of tension was created on the alien ship but the tension did not build and build like it did in alien as things were far too spread out and the idea of being locked inside a ship in space with a killer alien on board was clearly missed. I say still see Prometheus and draw your own conclusions, but it did disappoint just a bit for me.