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Thursday, June 28, 2012

N3rd Link Shirts and Kittens

15 days until I leave for my wedding and fewer days til comic con and I have a bunch of work still lett to do for both my trip and comic con. Here are a couple pics and more to come.

Digital renderings of the N3rd Link shirts that I'll be printing this weekend. My boys John, Mawuli and Geoff will have these on hand at comic con. The Link and Luigi shirts will be on the same color shirt.
I also started the screen prints for the Most Wanted 3 drop and I decided to drastically mix up the colors so there are about 80 mini prints and almost all of them are different. I'll grab some pics of them later and you'll see what I mean.

Stencils for the Link shirt.

This is one of the glass cases that we got as a wedding present with my SK3 set in it.

Pics from the Tenacious D show. Their new album is called Rise of the Penix and they had a big inflatable prop on the stage.

Here's my new kitty Ripley named after Ellen Ripley of the Alien series. Look how cute he is!!!

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