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Monday, June 18, 2012

June 16 Weekend Update

I finally finished our wedding invitations this weekend. Designed and ran the envelopes on the laser printer at my office, printed and cut out the little tags that hang on the string that hold them closed, glued, cut and scored all of the main invitations, added the pocket, folded and inserted the map, and tied them all closed and sealed the envelopes.... only to find out we needed more postage so they are going out tomorrow instead of today. All the while I watched almost all of my Alien Quadralogy that I bought on Amazong for 25 bucks....which included the first 4 movies and bonus discs for all 4 movies including behind the scenes footage from each individual shooting, pre, during and post production, interviews, concept art, and all kinds of awesome stuff. So I spent almost the whole weekend watching Alien content. When I went to sleep on Sunday I dreamt about Aliens and kittens...since those little guys have been zooming around their corral non stop since they settled in. I have even more respect for film making and the people involved after seeing how a lot of it was made. Many of the ships in the films were miniatures, aliens were dudes in rubber and foam suits, puppeteers and animatronics, and referring to the underwater scene in Resurrection, I guess I never really stopped to think how HARD it must be to film those scenes...and it was.

I also did some work on the Cyberman. I had to get a new silver paint bc the one I had looked like shit..thanks Montana. Rustoleum came through for me...imagine that. Also getting ready to print the N3rdLink shirts for comic con...and my commissions continue to wait patiently in my studio...so much to do... only 4 weeks til comic con and the wedding.

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