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I am a professional graphic designer and right now I am moon lighting as a toy customizer. Every waking minute outside of work I commit to painting and sculpting custom toys.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Raffle Time for the Avon Walk

So I have a couple of my 3A pieces left over from the 3A show back in September and I've decided to raffle off one of them and all the proceeds will go towards Breast Cancer research and treatment with a focus on the medically underserved via a donation to a friend who regularly participates in the Avon Walk in Washington D.C.

This is the piece that will be up for raffle. It is a 1 of a kind custom 3A bot. There really is nothing like it in existence. It comes complete with a custom built Glyos driver.

The way it will work is raffle spots will be 20 bucks. You can get as many as you want. The goal is to get 40 spots filled and that will be the maximum. The minimum to move forward with the raffle will be 30. If the minimum is not reached then I will refund everyones payments. All you need to do is send payments to jared.cain@gmail.com in increments of 20 as "Personal", then check "Other", and in the comments box please put Avon Walk Donation. You can send any payments starting now. I will let you guys get first dibs on this for now and if I need to fill any spots I will take it to the boards and the toy blogs. Thanks guys and I hope you can help me make this a success. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the destination of the donation please email me at that same address and I can put you in touch with the person who will physically be doing the walking.

Once the goal is reached I will number each entry and have a random number generator pick a number and that will be our winner and I will cover worldwide shipping of the figure.


  1. If I collected 3A stuff I'd be all over this raffle! Awesome stuff.