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Monday, March 26, 2012

Done and new news!

The Yeti is going to a good home. He will be hanging out with many of his older brethren so he should be happy!!!!

Bigger and more important news!!!!!

The raffle for the Rasp 3A figure continues. The entries are coming in slowly and I would prefer it if MORE came in so I'm going to be sweetening the pot! Not only will the Rasp figure be up for grabs, but I am now adding the 8" version of my Yeti into the mix. You may or may not have heard yet — you should go listen to our N3rd Link podcast — but there is going to be a Most Wanted show in San Francisco in May and for the occasion I've decided to sculpt an 8" version of my Hide-a-Dunny which will have a 3" inside of it, which will have the mini inside of that. And by entering the raffle you will now have a shot at 2 prizes for the exact same price. The inner Yeti Dunny, the 3" and the mini, will be slightly different so it isn't the same as the one I just dropped. The 8" version will be the same as the current 3".

So all you Dunny fans out there who didn't enter the raffle because you don't collect 3A, now you no longer have an excuse. In fact, you should be compelled more than ever to enter now that there are 2 prizes...and perhaps more to come!

Again, this is still a single raffle for both prizes, all proceeds will still go towards the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Please send payments to jared.cain@gmail.com in increments of 20. The goal is still the same, 40 entries, so your odds are still the same.

Thanks guys and send in the entries!!!!

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