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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Late Weekend update

I unfortunately did not get a ton done this weekend.

Friday night I finished the Free Art Friday pieces and Amanda and I went around and placed them around town. It was raining and crappy out but we managed to avoid most of the weather. We stopped and had a few drinks and got a pizza on the way home. I think we laid down after eating and just fell asleep.

Saturday Amanda and I went to the mall for some things and she ended up finding her wedding bands so she's happy and just another things for the wedding out of the way. And my damn ring is still not there. We ordered it in August and who knows what the hold up is. I had a few hours when we got home to work and then we went to a house party at my friends. I played beer pong for the first time since college and I sucked ass my first game and we lost, but I got in the groove and killed the rest of the time. Sunday was a good day and I got a decent amount of work done and I had our soccer playoffs at 8:30. We were the number 1 seed.

First game: Win - 5-0
2nd game - Semi's - Win 5–1
Finals - Win 5–1

So we won the championship back to back which is really unheard of so that was pretty awesome. After a year and a half of rearranging the team and swapping guys here and there our team is pretty sick now.

So all in all I FINALLY finished the 3 Storms. I had to sew the last 2 capes , darken up some lines on their hats and finish Lightnings weapons. I finished Strider as well and he looks SICK!!! I am super happy with how he came out. He looks amazing. And I finished the 2nd custom chainsaw for a 3A Dropcloth. I'd finished the first one ages ago and just couldn't get around to the 2nd one til now. Also still working on my MW3 production run, and I just sent out a quote for a very cool project that will be very difficult and involved and I hope to hear back about that as well.

I'm also working on a design for an upcoming custom Bot series and just found my 'Bots at Urban Outfitters. I have to admit these little bots are pretty awesome. I also committed to doing a special cameo piece for another boardies series that is really gonna be super cool.

Got so much on the table right now and only more coming in.

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