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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Update

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week and even missing my normal Monday post. Yesterday was a sprint to try and finish my Biker Munny for the PBR show here in town and I got it there with like 30 mins to spare. It was the only 3D piece in the show and most of the people there had never seen a custom toy before. It's cool to reach new people, but the coolness of the piece was probably a bit lost on those who have no reference.

So we were supposed to get our internet on Friday and we got the self install box from ATT. I spent the whole night trying to set that bitch up so I could watch Stargate on Netflix and never got it to work. Spent an hour on the phone with tech support, then Amanda spent another hour on Sat and nothing got accomplished. We ended up saying Fuck It and called Comcast and sent the ATT shit back. ATT can suck it. Sprint can Suck it too for putting a limit on the Hot Spot when all they're commercials say they're the only unlimited service. I had been running the internet off my phone but with their new policy I was going over the limit by about 1500 bucks a month. Stupid.

So I didn't get any work done Friday other than cleaning and coating my screens for printing on Saturday. I got up early Saturday and got to printing. I had to get the prints to the venue by 5 ish and I had to do everything still. I printed the stencils, burned the screens with 1 failed burn, printed both colors and signed all 20 and got them there by 5:15. I think they turned out pretty great for a print from design to completion in 4 days. The next show is in late March and Graveyard is hosting another art show with a movie theme so I will probably be doing a screen print for that too.

After dropping off the prints I had to go to a party for our friends new puppy so the rest of Saturday night was shot. Worked all day Sunday on the biker Munny. Had to take a break to go to my soccer game and I scored my first goal in almost 3 seasons. As a defender I spend most of the game marking so I just don't get that many shots but I was playing high pressure and picked off a pass practically in front of the goal and still almost screwed it up. We did win 9-1. Was up til 4 AM Sunday night and only went to bed because my damn paint wasn't dry. Finished everything else up between lunch and 5 – 7:30 after work and drove the piece over ASAP. Hung out there for a while and spent the rest of the night working on Strider and the Chinese Warrior. Going to see a movie that's part of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival tonight ( we do design for them so we get free tickets ) that is a slasher film in Hebrew called Rabies, but I should get a few hours in the studio before and after. I hope to finish several pieces this week.

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