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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Glimpse at Junior

All of my Most Wanted 3 Dunny's are molded and magnets have been inserted. I got a re-up on magnets last night and got N48 strength this time which is near the highest so these little guys are pretty strong. The scale, which I have no idea how it's measured, goes up to N52, and I couldn't find any in the 1/4" X 1/16" discs that I needed. Now that the vessel is completed I made the mold of the inner Dunny last night and pulled the first 2. The ears didn't get fully formed on the first pull. I'm guessing since they're so small that there was no room for the air to escape. Before I did the 2nd pull, I made some vents at the bottom of the ears. I used my awl  and drove a hole from the ear to the outside. After stripping a length of wire, I pulled the wire out, and used the casing as a tiny little straw. These vents went straight down so when I poured the resin it DID start to drip out the vents, but it cures so fast that it leaks for a few seconds and then stops, and WULAH — I pulled the first successful Mini-Dunny Zipper pull. I've got 9 more to do.

I also pulled the first of the next round of FAFATL pieces — Sponge Bob and Patrick. They're pretty awesome.

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