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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tron Duo — Check. Drive... Must Get

So I sold a couple things and was able to pick up the Tron pair of posters from Mondo on Ebay. Paid more than double what they dropped for but it was less than the guy was asking for so can't complain too much about that. And then I saw this poster today for the film Drive.

 This poster is by a different artist than the Tron pair, Ken Taylor. I love this film and my girl really like Gosling so it appears I might be on a poster kick again. My friend John B who some of you might know as Zonnie5 is a poster fiend and turned me onto Mondo at SDCC. The Star War posters there from Olly Moss are fetching crazy prices right now so I'm happy to grab something cool from http://www.mondotees.com/ for decent prices when I can. I hope to grab this beauty tomorrow at an undisclosed time. Don't screw me over people....cause Nike needs another poster. (Not really, I already don't have wall space for the Tron posters....but as I've been known to say lately — Fuck It)

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