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Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Update

Going all the way back to last Thursday I had a pretty busy and productive week. Thursday Amanda and I went to The High Museum for the Kaws opening "Down Time." It was really great. I went to the lecture with Kaws and heard him speak and had a chance to say hi and get my Kaws book signed and doodled in the gallery during the short period of time he was there. Friday Amanda and I went to this big industry event through my job called " The Next Cool Event." The name is lame but the party is pretty cool. Amanda was looking hot and I got to wear a tie for the first time in ages. Saturday we ran a bunch of errands picking up supplies, grocery shopping, we got another one of the new Polaroid cameras for people to use when we're in Hawaii, and we went to the Youngblood gallery to see this woman who retro fitted a truck with a letter press. She's been traveling around the country doing demonstrations. It was pretty rad. AND..I worked on a bunch of stuff. I actually feel like I made some headway with a few projects this weekend.

• Still working on the 3 Storms weapons....uggggh
• Finally finished sculpting Medusa and started painting
• Nearly finished the Burmese Jaws head
• Started the Strider Mini-Munny
• Started Perseus
• Started the Chinese Warrior
• Nearly finished my MW3 vector
• Got a much needed dry erase board for my studio
• Started the 3" Gundam samurai

And a last minute thing I stumbled upon today is a PBR art contest that ends next Monday hosted at this bar named Graveyard that has a concert venue downstairs that I've targeted as a potential place to start doing gig posters for...SOOOO, I am gonna whip up a PBR Biker for the contest and see if I can leverage myself in for the kill. Some pics.

I don't know this dude, he was just up when I was taking pics.

Still a little refining to do.

And the design comes full circle. This is the drawing of my MW3 design based on the photograph of the finished proto based on the original vector design. I always like it better when it's in actual perspective.

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