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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sneak Peeks!!!

Been busy all week as usual and I have some pretty juicy pics to reveal today... the first glimpse at my completed MW3 Dunny. She's come a a long way since the proto that I painted a month or so ago, and it's about time. I'm one of the artists dragging the series at this point so I'm glad I have 1 done so I can move on to the production of the other 7. That's right, there will only be a total of 8 of my Dunny's in the series, but don't anticipate huge numbers for anyone. There are more artists, less numbers, and less to go around in general.

So with no more delays, I present to you...

Arrrr Manda

Here you can see the finished product with my original proto. I like how her face is higher up on the figure and I think the body has much more character than the proto.

Process shots of Medusa coming along. With the elaborate sculpting on the head and the snake body she is proving to be quite an undertaking. I look forward to the work I'll have to put in on The Kraken 8"

And some studio shots. My shit is a goddamn mess right now, but when is it not. I clearly need to take out my garbage, and you can see several of the things I'm working on right now. Alot to do and alot to look forward to. Sometimes it's overwhelming thinking about all the projects I have lined up but once I get it all done and look back... I get quite a feeling of satisfaction knowing there is so much of my work in the world...and only more to come.

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