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Friday, December 9, 2011

Most Wanted 3

Most Wanted 3 is coming up and I've posted some prelim ideas and pics of the proto sculpt on here in the past but here are2 designs that I came up with for the actual art...see what you think.

The sculpt itself is based on the idea of a Dunny nesting doll, so the figure will come apart in the middle and has a secret compartment inside that holds a zipper pull that relates to the design. The outer design was to be reminiscent of traditional Russian nesting dolls but I didn't want to stick too closely to the composition as I felt it would be too derivative.

This first 1 was my initial idea but it got rejected citing that the shape of my sculpt doesn't really lend itself that well to the design. And I had to agree though I still like the design. It was a bit forced trying to make the girl sexxy and feminine on this sorta stocky body.

And this is the new design — The Eskimo Girl. I think the design works much better on the shape and is actually more reminiscent of a traditional nesting doll design than the Hula girl. No word on this one yet. It might get rejected too.

You can see the proto sculpt if you scroll down to the next post — minus the arms. It's the Sneak Raccoon Dunny split in half.

I would love some feedback so email me or pm me on the boards. I'd like to hear what you think.


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