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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Past Few Weeks

I've been a bit quiet since I finished my 3A pieces. I've been trying to get a bit more sleep but obviously I've been working on projects still. I am waist deep in my Most Wanted 3 figures of which the sculpt is done but I still need to nail down the design. I'm working on a Hexadecimal Mini Munny that will have 5 interchangeable faces that is turning out really great. And I just finished up this huge project for my day job that involved a good range of my skills from digital composing and file prep to sculpting, molding, production and custom packaging. I also recently visited the High Museum to see the Kaws installation. His show at the High opens in February and he will be live painting for 5 days and since Amanda and I have memberships I will be going to watch him paint as often as I can. I also made some gift boxes for my 2 sisters and Amandas 2 sisters to help them pick out their dresses for the wedding in Hawaii in July. Most of the contents were Amandas ideas and I designed the box and whatnot. The right compartment holds a chalkboard Munny. Here are some pics from the last few weeks.

Hexadecimal with a blank face. The faceplate comes right off and is held on with a magnet.
 Most Wanted 3 proto.
Box for work. I had to make 20 identical boxes.

Original donut sculpt. I made a silicone mold from this sculpt and popped 20 copies using Alumalite white resin.You can see Hex's faceplate in this pic too and I used the same resin to pop 5 versions of the faceplate.
 Super cute Amanda. The Companion is sweet too.

I pass Dinosaur World every time we go to KY. I need to go there eventually.

 Gift boxes for Amandas brides maids...our 4 sisters. Each one was personalized.

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