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Monday, December 26, 2011

Infernus Paw

I'm back from holiday break and this piece had been delivered as a Christmas gift. I'd been working under wraps for the last 2 months or so and just completed it on time. It was a really difficult and re-work as you go kind of customs because it was something I'd never done before and because of the shape of the sculpt. The story that goes with this piece is Infernus is a fire elemental. At his core he is unforgiving and lethal but had no ill intentions towards anyone and thus had no focus or direction. In hopes of hiding himself away from the world Infernus donned the suit, simultaneously creating a funnel for his raw power to funnel to and when needed...out.

The suit is made completely with Super Sculpey and is held together solely by magnets. The suit comes apart into 32 pieces, just like a 3D puzzle. Making the suit was quite an undertaking and I'll have some process pics on how it went down. For now here are some pics.

More pics on my Flickr

More pics to come.

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