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Monday, June 3, 2013

Fresh Batch and Pressure

As I said my pressure pot is all set up and I was up til 5 AM on Friday doing the first batch of casts and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It didn't start out all good though. I had a leak somewhere so I did a few things to try and fix that. I bought some flexible gasket seal at an autoparts store and did what I could to seal the O-Ring on the pot. I also went in and tried to tighten up all the connections. WHILE doing that I somehow managed to break the ball valve in half and when I went to the store to get a new one I couldn't find it. So I just scrapped it and moved forward without it as you don't REALLY need it. I might replace it down the road but things worked fine without it. AND while I was tightening everything I think I must have wrenched something else because now there is a hissing sound coming out of one of the pieces that came attached to the pot. I actually wasn't losing all that much pressure so I have yet to fix it. So after I got everything put back together I did my first cast and BOOM. As good as I could have expected. SOOOO much better than the shit I've been pulling at my house sans pot.

I even mixed the purple dye myself using the red and some blue dye I ordered. The darker dyes are SUPPPPPPPPER potent so I had to mix it first and then I literally dipped just the tip of a 1/16" dowel in the mixture and that was all it took. If you put one drop of the blue in directly it will come out completely opaque. Same with the gray ones pictured above. To get that smoke color it took even less of the black than the purple mixture.

So now that I know my pot works I'm all set to get things moving on Skerpent...I just to figure out how to mold it so I can actually get the thing out of the mold. It's gonna have to be a 2 or 3 piece mold for the top and then a 2 piece for the bottom.

All I have left to do for Fresh Batch are the faces that will be under the masks and each one will have a different face, each with a different emotion expressed and I think the 5 I chose are:

Amazed, Curious, Sneaky, Embarrassed and Mellow. The faces will me a bit reminiscent of the Hexadecimal figure I did in 2012. I will also be making 1 more figure after the series drops that will be made with GID resin but this time the head and body will be resin, and the mask will remain opaque. I need to raise some dough for comic con so I hate to do it but I'm gonna be auctioning it off and the winner might just get to pick the face. 

Too much to do before comic con. I will officially be sleeping 4 hrs or less a night until I leave.

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