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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey guys. Anyone that has contacted me or left a message about the prints I've got you and will be contacting you soon about your address. I got side tracked this weekend when I had intended to print these but I coated my screens last night and should be getting to these tonight or tomorrow.

In other SDCC news I have nearly completed the 3rd Doctor Who head, The Doctor, and all I have left to do is the Dalek which I've base coated and is just needing detailing... and I need to build the end of the stalk. I ordered my Sonic Screwdriver and I'm going to look for my suit and bow tie this weekend which will be found at salvation army. I'm not breaking the bank for that.

The Fresh Batch Dunny's are sold out and I just completed the packaging for them last night. As always it was a long road from start to finish to come up with something that was cool and made Drew happy as well but in all I think everything looks great and I am very proud of how it all came out. Drew did a great job organizing everything and putting faith back in the fans that custom series' are not all doomed from now on because of Manny and the MW3 debacle.

I'm about to start the mold for Skerpent. It's gonna be a 2 piece mold for both the top and the bottom and this will be my first 2 piece mold so wish me luck. As long as the sculpt is completed tonight I will start building the wall that will separate the 2 halves. Considering this is a new process to me I will try and take pics along the way to show any of you who might be interested in casting how I am doing things.

The last few things to do are the new Headless Horseman head sculpt and the single GID AP for my Dunny Wide Shut piece. Hopefully I can get the horseman done and in The Jerk Store in the next week or so and get the Dunny Wide Shut auction rolling in the next 2 weeks. Still a ton to do but because of the long hours I was doing last week during Harry Potter and the wedding pair I can stay up til 4 now no problem so alot getting done. :)

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