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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lets get this Horseman made folks!

Alright people things are ramping up for Operation Pumpkin Head. I printed 180 postcards last night. 40 of them have that smudge in the middle because of a damn piece of tape that was stuck to the screen still when I coated them, so if I need to use them I will but they'll be saved for last. Each person that wants to help make the pumpkin a reality will get 2 postcards. 1 will be for you to keep, and the other will be pre-stamped and addressed and what I'd like for you to do is write something about the Dunny, something about me, or both, and/or why you would love to see this Dunny become a reality. I also encourage you to do whatever you want to the postcard. Customize it, color in the pumpkin, do whatever. I think the more character to them the better. Make suggestions about what could be done with the release to make it awesome...i.e., someone said a Halloween drop with a GID chase would be sweet, and they're right! Just show genuine enthusiasm about the piece and elude to the fact that you would spend your hard earned cash on many many of them. I know for sure that if it gets made I'm gonna get like 50 of them even if I do get a case of AP's. There will be a sheet of instructions with the cards on when to send them so that hopefully they all arrive around the same time. If we don't talk regularly nor have spoken already and you want in email me at jared.cain at gmail. International people are highly encouraged as I think a broader range will make this even cooler. So far I have someone from France and hopefully Canada. But need some more people out of the states. And I'm still gonna pay your postage....First Class Global Forever stamp, though I don't know how much that is. Can't be more than a few bucks.

And as I've gotten to know many of you who follow my work, you know I will hook you up if and when I break through...so lets do this thing!

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