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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Work in Progress

Update on a couple things I'm working on right now.

8" U-Boat

For this piece the collector gave me a choice of a few topics and I had a choice of which one to do and then where to go with it from there. The topic I chose was "War in the Atlantic" and from there I almost immediately gravitated towards the significance of submarines in the World Wars and attempting to somehow transform the Dunny head into a submarine. This was the original sketch:

And here is the first WIP image:

I used wood to create the basic frame of the U-Boat around the head of the Dunny, I filled in as much of the walls with sculpting foam and then covered it with magic sculpt. This stage is very rough and is really just to form the basic shape of the piece. Once it cures there will be quite a bit of sanding, re-shaping and once it's ready I will use super sculpey to sculpt over the base with the finishing surface sculpt and details. I've left the inside hollow as much as possible as I will also be creating the innards of the sub...how that will happen, I'm not quite there yet.

Random workspace pic:

I'm also working on a pretty difficult and thought provoking 10" MAD-L and once I figure it all out it's gonna be very impressive. The first stage of the project is I'm attempting to create a custom tesselation that will ultimately be applied to the figure as the first stage of the application. Creating Tesselations is super hard and it just emphasizes how much of a genius M.C. Escher was. Here is the first attempt that I don't completely despise but I still have a long way to go. As you can see I can't figure out what the negative space will be and without that it's just an all over pattern that just about anyone could have made. 

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