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Friday, January 13, 2012

Most Wanted 3

Ok guys. I need some more feedback. This is the final design for my Most Wanted 3 Dunny. After submitting several designs the powers at be suggested the design be more similar to traditional Nesting Doll designs so that the concept behind the sculpt comes across better. I happen to agree and out of 5 or 6 new designs this is the one that they liked the most. The question now is


It's gonna be a zipper pull, and I really like the idea of sculpting a miniature version of the sculpt to be the form, but I'm not sure of what the design on it will be. Traditional nesting dolls have a baby or something in the very middle, but who wants a baby as a zipper pull??? So my next thought was to make something completely unexpected. The outer design is light hearted and innocent so maybe she's like Rosemary's baby and she has like a little devil inside of her. Maybe it's that abominable snowman design I did but instead of blue and white it's black and red. Who knows. Anyway....looking for some input, some suggestions that you might like and actually make sense with the design. Let me know. PM or email..anyway you can reach me.

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