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Thursday, January 19, 2012

MW3 Revised

So after getting a few responses about what should go inside my MW3 Dunny one of the ideas I really liked was to sculpt a Chest Burster like from the film Aliens and have that be inside her. I then figured that if that were the case the design should be altered slightly so here is a revised facial expression to better display her surprise that she is host to a deadly foreign being.

I also considered putting a smallish blood stain on the front as if the alien were in the process of busting out.

Other suggestions I liked were:

a wolf of some kind because she is reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood.
a bottle of vodka because of the Russian nesting doll thing.
a little demon and that would go along the same lines of the alien.

In each case I think I would alter the facial expression to match the inner item; drunk if it were the bottle of vodka, scared if it were the demon or the wolf.

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