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Friday, January 27, 2012

Even Newer Design

After finishing the prototype I just wasn't happy with how she looked so I started revising her even more. I think it was the fact that the design on her body wasn't anything and I didn't really have a personal connection to the design...so I decided to keep the face and the babooshka because that really defines the nesting doll look but I was going to make the rest of it more relevant to me. So this is my MW3 design 4.0 and I took a little real life inspiration from my Love Amanda. Not totally sold on how the ends of the ears look yet but I am much happier with this than the old design. I think the colors are alot better too. There wasn't that much contrast on the old one and this pops alot more. It does have more detail though and will take longer to make but what the Fuck!

And I decided that it made the most sense to make a mini Dunny to go in the middle and that design is still undetermined. I'm thinking something nautical themed to go with the t-shirt. Maybe an ALbatross design so when and if someone uses it as a Zipper pull, it'll be like they have an Albatross hanging form their neck. I may be the only one that gets the reference (Rime of the Ancient Mariner) so I might have to keep thinking on that one. Maybe a little pirate. Amanda loves pirates, and she does say I never make anything for her.

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