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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fight Club: WIP

I burned all the screens and I printed the first 2 colors last night. Thing about printing inks is there are no flesh tones at my local art store that I can purchase ready to go right out of the jar so I had to mix them myself. The first color was a light flesh tone and the 2nd was a dark flash tone. The colors don't really match the digital drawing but that really isn't all that important. It took a while but I got 2 colors that were satisfactory. I'm very happy with the registration so far I just hope I can keep it up with the rest of it.

Considering I was putting all this work into a print I decided to up the run from 10 to 20.

These are the next 2 colors. For anyone who isn't familiar with liquid emulsion and screen printing, what you're looking at is the completed stencil of the artwork I need for a single specific color. I put that blue coating over the whole screen as a liquid. Once it was dry, overnight with fans on it in complete darkness, I took my art printed on acetate and placed it on a light table with the screen above it. The lights are placed on the floor pointing up towards a piece of glass with the stencil and screen on top of it. Where ever there is art on the acetate it will block the light, and where ever there is no art, the light will cure it hard. After 8 minutes, I take the screen outside and wash it with a power washer. The areas that were blocked from the light and are still water soluble fall essentially leaving a hole where the ink can pass through. In this pic, the blue is the emulsion and the white is the screen itself so where ever it is white is where whatever color ink I choose will actually print. So the left screen is the background which is pink, and the right screen is the gray shading on the mask.

The border on the screen is for registration purposes only and represents the final edge of the print. Once everything has been printed I will trim them all to that edge and since the last color is black you should not see very much if any of the borders from the underlying colors.

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