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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top Secret

So I'm working on something that is top secret...well, in the grand scheme of things that doesn't mean all that much, but what that means if you're reading this is please don't re-post this pic anywhere. The project is for an upcoming event that I have told a few of you about but will remain nameless for now, but what we have here is a Mega Munny sized mech robot made completely out of recycled KR product boxes. You may be aware of my affinity for cardboard already and that is where this idea began. I originally wanted to make a box hero KR Mascot head that would fit onto a Mega Munny. I'm currently working on a 7" Box Hero Munny for a friend that is way overdue so I know it looks cool but I couldn't come up with a concept AROUND that exact idea that made me happy. THEN I saw Pacific Rim. I loved the movie despite its many hiccups. Plain and simple I loved watching massive robots beat the shit out of massive monsters. But on top of that the tech was amazing and it got me thinking that it would be sooo sweet if I could build a box hero suit for a Mega, and then it evolved to just making the suit so the presence of the Mega is merely implied, then it evolved to making the robot out of the very thing the toys come in...their boxes. I like this idea because the majority of people see these boxes as garbage but as a whole toy collectors keep the boxes as they hold a degree of value with the toy itself, so I like the relationship between that and making an actual figure or sculpture out of boxes that inherently have no value.

I need to finish by the 25th and I'm on track to do so as I have the head finished and have started in on the body. Here is the first pic of the figure which also reveals the makeshift skeleton that I made for the body. I made this to act as the support for the figure but then I'm going to wrap it with the cardboard mech so that none of it will be visible but the weight will be on the central support and not the skin. The head is held on with a giant 1" disc magnet and the arms will eventually be secured with magnets as well. Once the skinning is done I'm going to go in and some color, texture outlines and painted details to give it more personality but at no point will I obscure the fact that the whole thing is made from boxes from their own products.

He is roughly based on Gipsy Danger from the film

Hope you all like and please, as usual any feedback is appreciated.

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