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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The general consensus is to paint and I was always in favor of painting and most people that messaged me had the same feeling that it needs some definition because of the randomness of the existing color panels. Thanks guys.

I spent all last night working on the arms. Had a couple false starts but in the end I got something that I really like and I think it looks pretty cool. You can't really see it in this picture but I also spent much of the night working on the retractable sword that is in the right arm. I will grab some pics of that at lunch. I just need to make the fist that will go at the bottom of the arm seen in the pic, add a little more dimension to it from the profile side view and then making the other arm will go much quicker since I have the templates and patterns already made and cut. If you've seen Pacific Rim and remember the chain sword that was the inspiration for the retractable blade. The tip is visible and is secured with a magnet. Pull on the tip and it slides out about 4" and is then caught in a 2nd position by another set of magnets. It slides out just below that pink triangle at the same outward angle as the edge between the triangle and the blue part of the arm. In its retracted state it extends into the shoulder via a channel that I cut out.

I also had to change the 1/2" magnet for the arm out for the same 1" magnet that I used for the neck socket. The 1/2" just wasn't strong enough and luckily a had 4 left to use for the arms. That sucker holds awesome now and is strong enough you can rotate the arm and it will always stay in place. 

Here you can see the blade tip. and the back end of it in the opening at the top.

Blade extended. 

Here I added this green panel to the front. I'm slowing adding dimension and depth to the arm.

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