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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Back

It's been almost a month I think since the last time I posted and I'm sorry about that. I was all crazy with getting ready to leave for comic con, then I was at comic con and ever since I got back work has been nuts and I have been trying to decompress from the whole thing and I've finally got back into the swing of things. I will be starting and shipping Horseman heads very soon meanwhile working on all the current commissions that I still have out which are many. But first  here is a little taste of what went down at comic con. I took a bunch of pics on my phone, and took some with my new Go Pro so I will gradually be posting what I have. And, I hope to get around to editing the Zombie Escape footage I took because that was badass.

I got into San Diego early on Preview Night so we had some time to kill. John and I went and ate at this place called Bubs @ The Ballpark, which was basically right next to Petco Park where the Padres play, and it was a great place. It's just a sports bar but they had a ton of beer on tap, good food, and some cute girls worked there too. We had this sandwich, that we had each of the 3 times we ate there, that was chopped chicken, bar-b-q sauce and honey mustard mixed, with melted cheese and mushrooms. Sounds odd, but it was fucking amazing. I drank this beer from Saint Archer Brewing Company in SD the whole time I was there, a Blonde Ale, and it was great. I always try local beers when I travel and this one was good.  Anyway, so we went and got our badges and then shortly after that got in line to go in. I had so much shit to mule but the first thing on my list was my Super7 Reaction Alien figures and this was the goddamn line I faced as soon as I managed to get over there.


This line is wrapped to the other side of the block perse of booths that were adjacent to Super 7 so you cannot even see their booth in this pic. There are about 35 people in front of me and this line was barely moving. I waited over 2 hours in this line. Good thing too because they sold out of the 2 pack prototypes the next day and the lines were nuts almost the whole con.

The Alien figures brought in a ton of new fans that don't collect Super 7's typical fare. Old school action figure fans and fans of Alien came out of the woodwork. 

For signing up on the mailing list you got one of the foot stands seen here in this pic. They were free but this was the only way to get them. Amanda now receives emails from Super 7 as well and I have 2 stands, 1 for each of the prototype figures seen here. These things are going for like $250 on ebay right now but mine are not going anywhere.

I also ordered my set of 5 which came with a cardboard stage just like a Star Wars set from back in the day. As you can see these figures are certainly retro and I believe are figures that were developed back in the early eighties and were never released.

These super freaking sweet cups just were up for pre-order from Super7 but I didn't get a chance to order them yet. Plus I have too many cups at my house anyway. I believe they will be widely available in September.

This is the stage that came with pre-ordering the set of 5. Hit a bunch of other places the first night, got a number of things I needed to mule and then we went and ate. It was a pretty hectic first night but it was awesome. Plan for the next day was to get up real early and try and get in line at Hasbro.

We got up at like 5:30 AM. Our hotel was right on the Bay directly next to the convention center so we walked over and we were there in like 5 mins. Little did we know that there were already like 1500 people in line and most of them were in line for Hasbro. It was INSANE. They had a separate inner line once they started letting people in and literally about 90% of that line ended up in the inner line. We just said screw it at that point because they had already capped the line.

Then I tried to find Hallmark which was in the Lucas Films Pavillion. I got to here and just plain couldn't find it. I wandered around for a while in the area and finally stumbled into Hallmark only to find out all the items for the day had sold out and if I wanted a chance I better get in line as soon as the floor opened the next day.

I eventually ended up in the appropriate line and was in time to buy and got the U.S.S Kelvin and Rancor ornaments for a friend of mine. All I actually got was a free Star Wars button.

Most times I started the day with Mondo depending on what was dropping. I ended up getting The Kevin Tong Pacific Rim variant, both Ash Thorp Pacific Rim posters, both Ken Taylor Aliens prints and the Ash Thorp Predator variant. After all the purchasing was done for the day I wandered around for a while and headed back to take a closer look at all the customs. These were some of my favorite pieces from the Dragatomi booth. Mike Die, Ardabus Rubber, and the Southern Drawl Voltron piece which is amazing.

Then I saw BLAKE!!! He was doing a Mishka photo signing thing at Toy Tokyo and I was just happy to see him. I didn't need an autograph. But I did score a free sticker that should have cost me a dollar. :) I got the hook up. 

More to come.

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