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Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Update

Had a busy weekend. Got alot of work done as Amanda had to go to a baby shower and left me to my own devices... meaning I sat and did work all afternoon with no distractions. Except my kittens.

I'm extremely close to finishing my Gundam Samurai and damn he looks good. The arms and the weapons are the final things and I should be able to finish tonight. When you see him you'll know why it took so long. So much sculpting and intricate painting.

I'm nearly finished with my 2nd Snybora custom. It's another paint application but this time I'm painting tiny little scales over his entire body so I've been working on that on and off for over 2 months now. He's really bright. My friend Greg and I talked and felt they could take the paint apps a lot further on the production Snyboras so I went ahead and did one myself.

The Mad Robber Mutation is just about done as well. The head is done and I just have the arms and body to complete. He's looking good.

I started a custom that has been a while coming, the 7" Box Hero Hulk Munny. If anyone is familiar with the box hero suits that I've made, my friend who is Hulk shot our engagement photos and I owe him this custom. It's been almost 2 years so I need to get to work on it :). The torso and arms with have non removable box parts affixed to it, and the head will have a removable box head with a portrait underneath. I'm just about done with the mini box suit.

My new box suit is about done too — Martian Manhunter. I got into a groove this weekend and just kept working on it. All the base colors are done and I just have the black details to do. The torso is nearly done, the head is done, and I have 1 leg done. Considering it typically takes me weeks to finish one I'm ahead of schedule.

I went and saw the Expendables 2 this weekend. A friend of mine was super stoked for it so we went and it was hilarious... and I think it was intended to be incredibly kitsch and self referential. I was so excited each time one of the new aging stars came out especially Van Damme and Chuck Norris. It was super gory and it seemed like the bad guys had an unlimited supply of bad guys because they were constantly getting mowed down by an equally unlimited amount of ammunition. After the reception of the first film Stallone had to have seen how people took it and just decided to embrace it and go with the flow. It'll never win an Oscar but I loved the movie. People were clapping at the end as if it were The Dark Knight Rising or the first time I saw Fellowship of the Ring. It was kinda epic.

I also Red Boxed 2 movies — Meloncholia and Gone.

Meloncholia was a bit too artistic for me. For the most part I love indie films but this film had a combination of things that didn't do it for me. Pace was a bit too slow, I don't particularly like Kirsten Dunst and the fact that she is clinically depressed throughout the whole movie, and there's not a whole lot of payoff in the end. For me, the movie kinda expresses how trivial most things are in life... because in the end we could all just get obliterated. But who wants to live like that?? Not me.

Gone was entertaining. Amanda Seyfried is kinda cute now that she's a little older, but in all it was just another movie to watch while I was working. I really wanted to get The Raid but it was sold out...so I'm hoping it will be there tonight.

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