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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekend Update

Before I get into customs from this weekend we finally got the link to the preview page for our wedding photos and they are awesome. Our photographer was amazing...so personable and did a great job and here is 1 photo a ripped from her site. It has a barely noticeable watermark on it but we are getting the hi res finals on a disc any day now

So this weekend I worked on a couple things. I'm gonna try and be a bit more specific on what I'm working on so I don't mislead anyone about when their pieces are coming. I am definitely behind on everything but am doing my best to remedy that. 

I am a few days from finishing my Samurai Gundam 3" Dunny. I had the sculpting done for a while but couldn't get to the painting but once things calmed down I was able to make great headway on it. The head and body are about done and because of the length of the weapons that I made for him I had to make custom arms so he could hold them with the arms of the weapons behind him. Those just need to be painted and finish up the weapons and he is DONE. 

I'm also very close to finishing my first 8" Mutation of a 2011 SDCC Mad Robber. I snuck a peek at him a while back and has a Day of the Dead design. It is gonna be all black and white on the skull and I'm still deciding if there will be any color on his outfit. All in all the fact that the base was almost all black worked out great. AND...still contemplating if I should incorporate any of his accessories or just lose them. Still not sure how any of them would fit into the Mutation.

I also just started my new Box Hero suit for Dragon Con. We're all doing DC characters and I am Martian Manhunter. Admittedly the DC characters are less known to me but the suits are looking awesome. Some of the other characters being made are Green Arrow, Superman, Wonder Woman, Death Strike, The Flash, Harlequin, Penguin, Black Canary, Scarecrow, Aqua Man, and Batman and Robin are already finished from another event. 

The next immediate things on my desk are going to be:

Repairs: I have at least 3 old figures to fix. I promise to get them done ASAP.
REALLY old projects: Jaws, 10" MAD-L, Desert Punk Mini Munny.
Slightly less urgent projects: Thor/Captain/Iron Man Combo piece, Clash of the Dunny's

I know there are tons of other things to get to, I promise they're in queue.

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