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Monday, October 10, 2011

Sketches and Process pics.

Sorry it's been a bit quiet folks. Been really busy trying to finish up a bunch of sketches amidst working on all of my 3A customs for the show in November. Right now I have 5 pieces underway for the show and 1 more planned. That includes the Bot head which I am turning into a 3A/ Doctor Who Cybermen head, 3 completely unique bot builds and a Dropcloth homage to the Aliens mech loader that will be driven by an APTK created by Konfucious of the KR boards. So alot of time and money put into these pieces and I really hope they're gonna knock some socks off.

So here are some pics of things I've been working on the last week and the most recent sketches.

 2nd stage of the Cybermen head build. Building up the mohawk sculpt with floral foam so I get a better shape and use less magic sculpt.
 T-Wrecks initial paint application. The build is about completed I just need to sort out last minute balance issues.
 Rover - Build is complete and still refining the paint app.
 Initial sculpt and sanding of the mohawk complete.

Mohawk complete. side strips added and the new ear cuffs added. I used 2 Heavy Bramble heads as the new ear cuffs. All I need to do now is add the handle bars and he'll be ready for some paint.
Just in case you aren't familiar with the Cybermen, he is gonna look like this.
This guy is brand new and doesn't really have a name yet. He will be carrying a custom Glyos build...you can see him there in the front. I've been calling him Runaway because he reminds me of those spiders from the movie "Runaway" with Gene Simmons and Tom Selleck.
 Beginning of the new helmet sculpt for the Noop. I'm replacing the Jaws crown with something completely new. Finding this to be difficult because of the tapered shape of the head and his ears.
 Magic sculpt over the tape spacers.
After messing with it I had to cut alot of it off in order for it to come off. Once I start building up the actual head sculpt it will extend out over the ears and obscure much of the holes on the sides.
 3" Medusa revised. Snake ears now. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna sculpt her a snake body and tail similar to what I'll be doing with the Kraken.
3"  Perseus
 8" Kraken. Will have 4 arms and a sculpted snake like body.
 Continuation of the Justice League. Figure #3 - Batman.
 Figure #4 - Martian Manhunter
 Figure #5 - Guy Gardener
 Chinese Warrior
Strider Hiryu

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