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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crappy Pics of 3A

Here are a few pics I snapped last night of things almost finished with 3 of my customs that I've dubbed as part of The Z00 battalion. It includes Wrecks, Rasp and Rover.

Wrecks is a goddamn beast, built from a 1/6 Heavy Bramble, not only will he trample you to death, but he'll tear your body armor to pieces and blast you in stride as well. Still finishing up the decals on Wrecks but here is the main Z00 decal.

Rasp is a close combat tank hybrid. Beware of his deadly claws... and if you manage to escape he'll mow you down with his gatling gun tail. Carries 1 custom World War Glyos figure and is still in queue to get his decals. Paint app is about done though I still need to paint the driver.

Rover is a recon and rescue bot. His forte is stealth infiltration. He is lightning quick and silent as a ninja. His tail mounted HD camera relays real time footage back to head quarters while his legs carry him across enemy lines without a trace. Got a man trapped behind enemy lines, Rover will sneak in with emergency supplies and get your man back safe... or make sure he doesn't talk.

Rover is complete with decals and I recently added his back mounted pouches. I did alter the camera some to make it look more like a camera as well as weathered the pouches. So final pics still to come.

And the Cybermen bot head is just about done. I decided to take some creative liberties with the line work on the head and here are the results. I will probably tinker with it until the last minute but I think he is looking really good. Mouth glows really well and looks dope. It will be a nice contrast to the rest of the heads since none of them will have mouths.

The Dunny Walker is about done as well. I finishing the sculpting on the Dunny and just need to finish painting. He looks awesome in the cockpit because his Grunt helmet literally sits on the edges of the cockpit and you can only see a sliver of his face....it just looks seamless.

Aliens Mech Walker is behind schedule but I have most of the raw sculpting done...got alot of fine tuning to do as well as painting still. This is gonna be a barn burner to finish this one.

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