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Friday, September 30, 2011

Soap Box Race Tomorrow

Had a really busy week. Been working on my Soap Box car which is nearly done, working on customs as usual and been really busy at my day job. The race is tomorrow and after completing the build I am now adding aesthetic things to the car. I decided that I was gonna wear my Hellboy box head during the race so I'm turning my 3 wheeler into Hell On Wheels. Here you can see the front fender that I added last night. The last things I need to do is attach the rear hub caps and paint the wood and the white part of the bike body the same red. I still need to figure out a way to cover up the blue straps that hold the chair to the rest of the frame. When I bought them I had a different paint scheme in mind... plus they were the cheapest ones.

I just finished these little guys for a collector that from what I understand, came into the whole vinyl scene because of the article about my Chomping at the Bit show in Nintendo Power. Now he's on the boards and has placed more than a few commissions. These guys are super cool. The variety in the types of masks looks awesome all together.

Los Straitjackets

Gonna be working on 3A stuff this weekend including my 3A bothead Dr. Who Cybermen head — Yeah, that's right. Any Who fans out there are gonna love this thing. As well as my collab with Konfucious, our homage to Ripley, the Dropcloth/APTK Mech Loader. Still got Rover and my Heavy Bramble T-Rex build underway as well. I'll take some pics this weekend. Dunny's, Munny's and everything in between will get some work as well. I've got probably 15 projects in flux right now.

Go Bills, and it would be sweet if my Buffalo Bulls could upset the Vols on Saturday — not optimistic though.

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