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Thursday, September 15, 2011


So this is highly classified stuff people...so if you're reading this then you and I are probably acquaintances so I'd very much appreciate it if you didn't repost this or really even talk about it on the forums. This is my preliminary idea for the new M.W series. Please excuse the offbeat wording of the series but I'm trying to avoid this post just popping up in Google searches. Anyway, the idea is basically a complete re-sculpt of the Dunny to more resemble a nesting doll. The figure would be cast completely in resin other than the arms and magnets would hold the 2 pieces together. Inside instead of it being another doll would be a mini Dunny zipper pull cast in resin as well. So it's not REALLY a nesting doll, but more like a Dunny with a secret compartment. You can see where it would separate and the dotted line represents the compartment inside. This design is really just the first design I've done — trying to do something a little cleaner and more minimal BUT the hero is really the sculpt so I think really anything could go on it. The only other design I have started is a play on the traditional nesting doll design but instead of it being a russian character it would be something else. I initially thought a Geisha would be cool but this was before Gold Life came out, and now I'm thinking a hula girl or something...you know, honoring my roots and all. Please...if anyone has thoughts, ideas, impressions... anything at all concerning this design, please email me, pm me, call me...just voice your opinions. I know alot of artists are very private and overly controlling of their work but I'm learning to embrace the ideas of the public to make something that I alone could not have conceived. Talk soon folks and thanks.

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