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I am a professional graphic designer and right now I am moon lighting as a toy customizer. Every waking minute outside of work I commit to painting and sculpting custom toys.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back from Vegas

So I'm back from las Vegas. Had a good few days to let my brain rest. I didn't so much need a physical break but my mind had been running a million miles a minute for months on end....so it was good. Hung out a the pool and got some sun, saw some shows, ate and gambled. I'm back and refreshed.

Tons of sketches to go out this week for approval including Medusa, Perseus, The Kraken, Los Straight Jackets, Batman, Martian Man Hunter, Guy Gardener and maybe Hexadecimal. Shipping a bunch of things this weekend, and as always...I'm always available. Just email me!

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