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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Box Hero Commission Just About Done

For everyone that I owe toys to I apologize as almost everything else had to be put on hold as this really large project came to a head. I was commissioned to make a set of Box Hero heads for the entire staff at the Orthodontist office my wife works at for a convention/costume contest at the end of the week. There are a total of 21 heads and a matching shirt was purchased for each of the characters aside from 3 who weren't popular enough to have a pre made shirt available, and an entire Mark III Iron Man suit for the Dr. The other 3 shirts I designed myself and screen printed, and I am actually going on the trip with the staff as technical support, photographer, documenter..and whatever else is needed of me. Almost the entire staff is women so there are a 2 Bat Girls, 2 Wonder Woman, and several female versions of popular characters who may or may not actually exist in the DC or Marvel universe. When I finish everything I am going to take individual pictures of all the heads but for now here is a little taste... and if you don't already follow me on Instagram I have been posting on there about the heads for the last 6–8 weeks.

The characters are:

1 - Iron man
2 - Batman
3 - Super Man
4 - Captain America
5 - Super Woman
6 - Super Girl
7 - Female Green Lantern
8 - Female Flash
9 - Batgirl A
10 - Batgirl B
11 - Huntress
12 - Black Widow
13 - Miss Marvel
14 - Female Captain America
15 - Cat Woman
16 - Rogue
17 - Spider Girl
18 - She Hulk
19 - Wonder Woman A
20 - Wonder Woman B
21 - Female Robin
22 - And I am the only Villain - Ultron

Toys will be back on the agenda by Sun, as will March Madness.

Go Cards and Cats.

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