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Friday, February 14, 2014

Super, Crazy, Unbelievably Busy

Obviosuly I haven't posted here in a while and the last one before that had been a while as well but fear not, the only problem in the world of Nikejerk is that there is still just not enough time in the day. Not only am a slammed with commissions, but I have some freelance working going on at the moment and my day job is busier than ever. I am having an ever increasingly difficult time balancing all the things I have going on and really don't see any other options than what I'm already doing and that's just working as much as I can. For example, right now on my desk — which is both a physical desk but also a metaphor for all the work I am currently working on right now — there are 3 Coarse Paws, 2- 6 Dunny sets, 2 KR mascots, 1 mini munny, a 4-7" munny and 1 mini Munny set, at least 5 solo 3" Dunny's, a Jaws that I have been working on FOREVER and I HAVE to find a way to finish, some 3A bots, 18 box heads, 1 full box suit, a book cover illustration, design and ideas for our SDCC cosplay group, prototype modeling for my heavy duty poster tube suitcase, some original sculpting to do, resin stuff... my god, how can I possibly get it all done???

I need an apprentice. Any takers??? You will be paid with knowledge and friendship.

We have our SDCC passes though half of us do not have preview night which stinks, but we will figure it out. My wife Amanda is coming to comic con this year too. I imagine it will consist of her sleeping in and meeting us at the con around noon to check things out, eating and drinking and her laying out at the poor...crossing my fingers we have a pool!

I am participating in the Artists Without Borders show again that benefits Doctors Without Borders. Last year I did the Doctor Who  9 –11 mini Munny and this year I will only be doing 1 piece but it is truly close to my heart — Dr. Van Nostrand, also known as Kramer from Seinfeld. It is Kramers alter ego and is hilarious.

I'm going to be in Dallas in March for this event for my wife and her job. That's what I'm making the 18 Box Hero Heads for and so far I have 5 of them done and they look awesome.  I'm also doing a full Iron Man Suit based on the Mark 3 suit from the first movie. So far almost all the suits have been based on the classic comics so I really think this one is going to look amazing.

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