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Monday, May 6, 2013


I spent much of the weekend working on my Dunny's for Fresh Batch which entailed casting some clear bodies using some dyes and powders that I recently acquired and I found out the hard way that resin does not last long in a humid environment like Atlanta. I had a batch of clear that had been open for maybe a year, junk. Another batch that had been unopened that I've had for the same amount of time, junk. Then my friend Greg brought some over like a month ago and we opened it and poured some things with no luck and in just that amount of time enough moisture has seeped in to make it foam up like the rest. So I turned to the last unopened batch that I got about 2 months ago and FINALLY I got some pours that didn't foam up. Imagine those stupid fireworks things we had as kids that looked like black altoids and when you lit them they grew and grew like an ashy snake, that's what my resin kept doing... but only like an inch up out of the mold, but still annoying and useless. I had learned that the brand of resin I have been using must be moisture free and any will cause the mixture to foam. A while back I tried to dye something during mixing with some RIT dye and it did just that, foamed like mad. So I spent 3 or 4 hours mixing, pouring and praying it worked after changing variable after variable only to get the same garbage result until I got to that last batch... and it was such a relief. So I popped a couple usable casts though they need alot of finishing. The air bubbles are bad on the clear and I don't have a pressure pot yet but I think I got them minimized enough to pass especially since you will barely see the bodies on my design. but I can say the metallic dust is cool. The GID is also very potent. One of the casts that got messed up was with the GID and once I saw it foaming I yanked it out of the mold before it was done and got gooey resin on my hands. I thought I had gotten it all off but when I went to bed and turned the lights off my hands were glowing like mad. I guess it was good to know the GID was working.

Skerpent is almost standing. Need to change the angle of his stance and then add the tail and I think he'll be close to another reveal.

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