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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Upcoming Stuff

What's up guys. Just wanted to let you know that I will be revisiting an Xmen tshirt design that I finished like last year at some point and I will finally get around to printing it....because I had a revelation the other day while poking around and I am now 100% confident that I will be able to register the different colors to near perfection. And it was so easy. I'll let you in on the secret since you're so kind to visit. The problem I've always had in the past has been once I print the first color on the shirt and I lift up the screen the shirt and the screen tend to stick together a bit and it stretches it out of sync with any future layers. No matter how hard I tried I could NEVER get the damn thing back in the right spot. And I'm not sure how I didn't come upon this sooner BUT the answer is..........you need to use a spray adhesive made especially for textiles and basically GLUE THE SHIRT TO THE BOARD. I had already heat proofed my boards as they are made of gator board by coating them with aluminum foil so I wouldn't need to remove the shirts between prints, but now, I spray on some of the heat resistant non transferring adhesive to the board and wallah, shirt doesn't stretch.

So in light of my new found information I am going to be doing a small run of the Xmen Wolverine Shirt. Like 5 plus my own.

I just looked at the date on the file and this design is over a year old and it's about time that it comes to life. These are going to be 4 color prints on yellow shirts: Blue, Red, White and Black. I am giving you the choice of 1 of the 3 yellows that American Apparel offers and I know their shirts are a bit pricey but they really are great and there are 2 stores here so I can run down and grab the shirts without having to wait. Gold, Sunshine or Lemon.

Because of the price of the shirt these are gonna have to be $45 plus shipping. You'll be able to choose your color and your size and hopefully I can figure that out in the store and if not then I will just have you email me your information. I'll be putting these up in my store in the next day or 2 so if you're interested be on the look out. As always, thanks for hanging out — Jared

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