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Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Idea

I've been trying to find the time and the right idea to finally take advantage of Kickstarter and here is an idea that just hit me as I mulled it over this morning. First of all I will preface this by the fact that my office will be receiving our Makerbot Replicator 2 in about 3 weeks. The time table is irrelevant but the fact that we will have our own 3D printer is not. So regardless of the final idea I will be able to output whatever that may be at the leisure of practically my own personal 3D printer. My boss is incredibly supportive of anything creative and I basically have free reign over whatever I might be able to use here. Anyway, so here is the idea......a build your own Zombie. I want to make something that isn't just your run of the mill platform toy. I want it to be fun as well as unique and fulfill my affinity for making 1 of a kind pieces. So the idea is there would be 4 different parts in total: head, torso, arms and legs, and each part would come in 4 to 5 different stages of decomp, so essentially there would be 20 different parts to mix and match. You don't even need to choose 4 pieces. You want it to have 1 arm, done, no legs, done, if you want the head to be very human like and the rest bony as hell, done. So practically every one would be different and unique... AND, I could embellish each one by hand further to do any special custom stuff on top of that. You could order them to paint yourself or have me paint it for you. Whatever you want. The majority of the cost would be getting the 20 parts digitally rendered separately but after that each and every piece could be produced per order so there would be no waste and no inventory just sitting there doing nothing. I love Zombies and so do alot of people out there, not just toy collectors, and if you were so inclined you could have any army of different zombies. I'm thinking it would be about 6 inches tall in total and based on the estimate that I got for a single render it might cost 2 grand to get the 4 rendered plus maybe another grand for the materials for the makerbot so perhaps the Kickstarter goal would be $3,000. I'd have to see how much it would really cost for the renders but before that I need sketches. And before that, I need feedback.

Does this idea interest you? Or does it suck. In the end, each piece would have a flat price so you build your Zombie plus a commission fee... unless you're gonna paint it, in which case a blank figure would prob be less that 40 bucks.

Hit me up with any thoughts or just leave a comment.

Thanks and look forward to at least a few people telling me what they think.

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  1. I like the general idea. I just don't care for zombies...